Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Remembering Macoine's Store

Marie Macoine was one of the operators of Macoine's store. Many residents still have found memories of the store and the sisters who operated it. The store has long since closed, however, the memories have lingered. This photograph is from 1987.
Jeanerette residents enjoyed visiting the vibrant Macoine's store on Main Street next to the current Iberia Bank. The store was filled with the tangy smell of fresh red, juicy apples but the favorite of many residents was the sight of the old fashioned candy jars stuffed full of tempting sweets.
Macoine's was a tradition for well over 70 years. It began as a fruit stand when Carlos Macoine arrived from Italy with his family. Following his death in 1932, Mrs. Macoine and her 12 children took over the family business.
The last of those children to operate the business were Therese and Marie.
Marie still sold candy by the piece allowing children to select different types from the large jars. She loved seeing children come in to purchase candy.
The store itself had an old fashioned appeal as Marie preferred to keep things as they were in the past instead of buying modern displays. It is that old fashioned decor that people looked forward to at each visit.
Once the store carried staples like bread, milk, onions and potatoes but it was the large selection of candy that appealed to most customers.
Marie had many memories of the store's past including selling bread for a nickel during the Great Depression.
She remembered her mother shucking oysters and struggling to raise the family. While there were other jobs for women, Marie never was interested in working anywhere other than the store she grew up in.
She and her sister still lived in back of the store in the 1980s and enjoyed talking to all of the people that came by.
Macoine's store was a true asset to the community and is fondly remembered as well as its owners, by many of the citizens of Jeanerette.

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